Inauguration Events Serve as Forum for Addiction Conversation

Amid a polarizing election and a heated political climate, the addiction epidemic continues to wreak havoc. While rehab facilities in Florida are at the forefront of setting industry standards and advocating for the issue, addiction is destroying communities throughout the country.

President Trump and his administration come to power at a crucial time for addiction. Often, those who need care cannot afford it. Many who can afford it still must watch out for scams that take advantage of insurance policies and, to put it lightly, don’t encourage sobriety. People suffering from alcohol or drug addiction disease are being incarcerated instead of treated, only to be released back into society with the habit intact. With these issues, the treatment industry needs legislation now more than ever before.

Ambrosia Treatment Center attended the Inauguration of Donald Trump to advocate for this vulnerable population. CEO and Founder, Jerry Haffey Sr., and President of Business Development, Jerry Haffey Jr. brought a sense of urgency and compassion for a non-partisan issue.

“The objective was to find appropriate treatment advocates and create more resources, not only in the states we operate but across the country.”
-Jerry Haffey Jr.

The conversation started with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who recently gave his “State of the State” Address, highlighting long-term treatment for addiction as a critical issue. The governor’s objectives outlined in his address align with Ambrosia’s current expansion in New Jersey. A meeting is scheduled with Christie in February to develop a real plan of action to combat the growing opiate problem in Philadelphia suburbs.

Ambrosia’s We Do Recover Movement is a nationwide push to end the stigma of drug and alcohol treatment through awareness, community outreach, and strategic partnerships. In essence, the more people that feel comfortable seeking treatment, the better chance every community has to recover. The more people that believe getting help is a strength, rather than a weakness, the better. This movement reaches to change this thought process in all Americans, including politicians that shape the laws of our country.

“My goal is to not only combat addiction by providing quality treatment but to influence key legislative players to see the epidemic as a priority issue. We witness it every day, and we know that recovery works. We want decision makers to see this as well, and ultimately do something about it.”
-Jerry Haffey Sr.

Jerry Haffey Sr., Governor Chris Christie, and Jerry Haffey Jr.

Jerry Haffey Sr., Ben Carson, and Jerry Haffey Jr. at Trump's Victory Reception.

For those on both sides of the election, two things are clear: addiction is a healthcare issue that has reached epidemic proportions, and more legislation and funding is necessary to combat this crisis. There are so many hot-button issues in today’s political arena that even something this serious is often placed on the back burner by politicians. Fortunately, Florida is leading the pack with their Sober Home Task Force, and other states such as Ohio and Kentucky are allocating resources to combat this growing healthcare problem, but the next step is to get the conversation started on a national level. Jerry Haffey Sr. plans to meet with Palm Beach resident and Cabinet Nominee, Ben Carson to continue the discussion in the coming months.

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