Ambrosia Joins America’s PPO As In-Network Provider

Ambrosia Treatment Center is partnering with America’s PPO to provide better, more affordable addiction care to their 400,000 members nationwide. America’s PPO network includes 54,000 doctors, specialists, therapists and 290 hospitals throughout the United States, mostly concentrated in Minnesota and the surrounding Midwest states.

According to a study by the CDC published in March of 2018, states in the Midwest saw opioid overdoses increase 70% from July 2016 through September 2017. This increase is considerably higher than the national average, which marked increase an of 30%. The study goes on to reinforce the fact that opioid use disorder can be prevented by medication-assisted treatment programs, much like what Ambrosia offers at their five facilities nationwide.

Since 1982, America’s PPO has been an industry leader, and one of the first in the nation to offer Preferred Provider Organization insurance coverage. The Minnesota-based company is committed to expanding its provider base to other states outside of the Midwest region. For the past 25 years, America’s PPO has maintained its status as the only independent PPO in the Upper Midwest.

According to Ambrosia Treatment Center CEO and Founder Jerry Haffey, “There are millions of people struggling with substance abuse that want to make a change but can’t afford the quality treatment they need. This is taking us one step closer to closing that gap.” Ambrosia officially joined America’s PPO provider network at the beginning of May 2018.


Ambrosia Treatment Center
Ambrosia Treatment Center has been raising industry standards for over 10 years and has treated over 10,000 clients at our locations nationwide, including three of the best rehabs in Florida. Our focus is on quality care, family involvement and advancing addiction medicine. To learn more, visit AmbrosiaTC.com.

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