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You can do this.
America’s #1 Addiction Treatment Experts

You’ve tried staying in New Jersey for treatment before. It’s time to do whatever it takes for lasting change.

While we have a facility in Philly, over 80% of people at our FL & CA facilities come from the Northeast because we have:

  • A 10-year track record
  • The highest accreditation in healthcare
  • Partnerships with university researchers

Ultimately, staying sober is more important than staying local.

What It’s Like Here
At the New Jersey Rehab in Florida

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our facilities are broken into specialized groups. Adults with jobs or marriages taking treatment seriously aren’t mixed in with those in their early twenties that need life skills and new, sober friends. And, trauma survivors get specialized treatments like neuro-science from PhD-level experts.

Regardless of which of our drug and alcohol addiction facilities is right for you, you get access to the best treatment in the county that has already helped more than 10K people.

Meet Your Team
From the physician and therapists to the maintenance staff and chef, each specialist actually cares about your recovery (and it shows). The comprehensive team surrounds you with compassion and always looks out for your best interest — even after you leave.

Dotty has worked in addiction treatment since 1977 and maintains the highest international and Florida-specific certifications for addiction professionals. She puts her heart and soul into helping each person (finally) stay sober.

“I care about each and every person, but I don’t accept excuses. It’s often been years of lying, denying and manipulating. This is where those behaviors end. Once you get on the right path, you just have to keep walking.”


Primary Therapist

Dr. Nguyen specializes in addiction medicine. His professional doctoral degree (DO) requires meeting the exact same stringent standards as the more common MD, but with additional focus on treating the whole person at the core, not just symptoms.

“If nothing changes, then nothing changes. Whether you’re ‘ready’ or not, the first step is to just show up.”

Dr. Duy Nguyen
Medical Director

Why not call now?
I don't know what it will be like.

Know that drug and alcohol treatment is not jail or a mental hospital. In fact, most people end up having some (sober) fun and making friends, all while learning about themselves and how to deal with the underlying issues behind the drugs and alcohol.

Expect to have constant support from clinical therapists and peers at every step of the process. (Loved ones also have 24/7 access to support before, during and after treatment through the Family Wellness team).

I want proof the treatment is better.

All rehab centers are not created equal. The quality of our treatment and staff is on-par with the best in the country. Here’s proof.

JCAHO accreditation. The highest honor in healthcare, earned by only 10% of treatment centers.
Rutgers University partnership. The prestigious researchers work only with our drug rehab to help innovate and move the whole industry forward.
Media coverage. We often serve as the expert on addiction-related topics from the Burlington County Times to Teen Vogue and ABC News.
Celebrity endorsements. Professional athletes, college coaches, TV stars and healthcare leaders all publicly vouch for our quality treatment. It seems fair to say they’d only partner with good facilities.

Our programs
Main Florida
Intensive Trauma
Adult-Only (35+)
West Coast

Even if you don’t come here, the important thing is that you get quality treatment. And, start now!

I'd like to understand options in NJ.

It’s normal to want to stay close to home, but be leery of what’s driving that decision. You may use excuses like work or family when it’s really your addiction talking.

Getting away from triggers and bad influences helps you to get to the core of your drug and alcohol issues.

If you’ve sought help before, it’s time to commit to changes that actually last. No more pretending. Just as you’d travel to see leading specialists for cancer or rare diseases, nothing is more important than getting better. (And you know it).

I need more information!
It’s normal to have tons of questions. Rehab is literally a life-changing experience.

Whether you want to know about your insurance coverage or if we can really help you, the best way to ease your mind is taking a few minutes to make the call.

You can vent 24/7 about your story or get specific advice on:

– How to get a loved one into treatment.
– What your insurance covers.
– What facility is right for you.
– What to expect from treatment.
– How much (if anything) you’d have to pay.
– Where to find meetings or outpatient services near you.
– Or, any other questions.
Call (888) 492-1633 now.

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