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LynneB234 A Mom From NC

Why does the new behavior of enforcing boundaries feel so foreign/wrong? Detachment feels like abandonment and not providing financial support feels like I'm letting my daughter go hungry.

Healthy behavior feels wrong - I've been doing so many things that in the end actually supported her addiction that I'm having a hard time accepting new behaviors for myself.
Katie D Because it's different and new and goes against every instinct we have as parents! Helping your Daughter at this point unfortunately entails letting her feel the consequences of her addiction. When there is enough pain there is usually change.
Olivia K It can feel foreign to set healthy boundaries and may go against one’s deepest instincts. Getting help is essential, especially from other parents who have been there. Support groups are a resource we encourage all family members to utilize so you are not tackling this alone. It is progress not perfection, and about finding the right answers for you. There are ways to set boundaries that feel less like abandonment and more about giving healthy options. Some people encourage giving food instead of money or offering to help with sober living if their loved one cannot stay in the home. Make sure to connect with others so you have guidance in taking actions that will help motivate your daughter towards recovery.