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Tex F A Husband From TX

Who can i turn to to get help, im a mess!!

Finally got my wife help away from where we live, where she can get anything she wants at anytime. I'm so miserable for all she has done to destroy my life, but feel guilty because I let her. I know I need help, and dont know which way to turn, the pressure really REALLY is getting worse and WORSE unbearable at times. I'm so miserable, and dont have any faith their will be happiness in my life. I need help! Thanks
Wife17 I found a lot of relief by attending the 12 step programs for families, both Al-anon and Codependents Anonymous. I realized I had to start taking care of myself before I could really be able to set the right boundaries with my husband. Connecting with others who understood shifted my focus away from him and allowed me to take back control of my life, realizing I did not have to stay stuck in the sickness even if he chose to.