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Sherry S A Mom From FL

What to expect in IOP?

My son just transferred from rehab to IOP, and since this is our first time with in-patient programs, I'm anxious about whether or not he's ready for the independence at this level. How do I trust him to handle it?
Olivia K Make sure to have him sign a release for his IOP therapist so you can rely on them for updates on his progress and any concerns you have. It is always important to check stories and rely on their guidance if you suspect something is off. Take a look at session 8 which includes a relapse agreement plan. It is a good idea to go over this every 30 days with your son and his therapist so you are all on the same page. Focus on getting support for yourself and try to allow room for your son to take responsibility for his recovery. It is important for him to be held accountable to the plan by both you and his therapist so he understands you are relying on professional guidance.