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HopetrackerA3 A Mom From FL

What's the best rehab in NJ?

I want the best treatment for my son, but I’m hesitant to send him out of state. After researching and calling multiple rehabs in NJ, I’ve settled on one that I feel will provide my son with the treatment he needs. I’d really like to visit the facility first before sending my son there. Is that weird?
Kelly M My daughter has probably attended every rehab in that area because thats where her father lives, but my personal favorite was Ambrosia in Medford because they really kept in contact with me and they have people there that work just with the families and are still in contact with me now
Olivia K If you have the means and the ability to tour the facility, then do so. It is important that you feel comfortable with the facility that you will be sending your daughter to. You should also ask them for their credentials such as JCAHO (Joint Commission) accreditation.