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Wife39 A Wife From VA

What other programs have family members of addicts enjoyed, besides Al-Anon?

My husband is an alcoholic and the first thing anyone says to me is, "Go to Al-Anon meetings." I've gone to a dozen in 2 different areas, trying each one twice and determining that none of these groups fit me or provide me with hope or solutions. I find the participants to be very negative and hopeless, this is not beneficial to me.
Wife17 It can be hard to find groups for families that are not 12 step-based. There are some great (private) online groups on social media that can help you connect with others and get support from. Online meetings can also be a good tool....while most are 12 step-based you may find one that is more focused on a specific topic or solution. Also, try contacting a treatment program in your area that might offer a family support group open to the public and/or family therapy groups.