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Joe D A Dad From NH

What is the number one reason for relapse?

My son has relapsed several times and been to five different rehab centers.
Gianna C going through my experiences, i believe that for my spouse, the number one reason for his relapses was anxiety and not getting his head completely straight or still having a foggy mindset. They have to have a different lifestyle coming out of rehab. In his heart he always wanted and wants to be and stay clean, but his head tells him different. This disease makes them become like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. If they do not get the proper therapy and do meetings everyday, they will relapse. His anxiety is a number one issue when it comes to relapse. If he can get his anxiety under control and continue meetings and therapy and possibly go to the gym a lot (to help with anxiety and self-love), i know in my heart he will stay clean and be successful in his recovery.
Wife17 I know my husband kept relapsing as long as he kept relying on his own thinking about what was best for him. When he finally got humble enough, he became willing to take suggestions and trust others rather than "running his own show". As time went on, he gained more clarity and understood that if he wanted to stay sober he had to remain teachable.
Gaye S Relapse is part of recovery. Not the greatest analogy but how many people start a diet and cheat or fail as long as you don’t stay in relapse and continue to seek help there is hope.