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Jennifer D A Sister From NH

What is meth made of?

I had a feeling a few weeks ago that my sister was doing meth again and last night I found out that her and her boyfriend almost blew up the garage at my Mom’s house!! The cops told me he was making meth out of a Coke bottle and it exploded when they went out for a cigarette. Thank God no one was hurt. She is 32 years old and she needs to get her act together and grow up! I need to know what’s in meth so I can make sure I get all of her “supplies” out of my Mom’s ASAP. I tried to google how do you make meth no one could tell me what the ingredients are.
Pamela P Methamphetamine is a psychoactive drug and a very potent Central Nervous System stimulant. The drug is an equal mixture of its enantiomers (levo- methamphetamine and dextro-methamphetamine). It is a white (sometimes brown, yellow-gray, orange or pink), odorless, bitter tasting crystalline powder, easily soluble in water and alcohol that can be inhaled through the nose, smoked (most commonly) or injected with a needle. Some abusers take it orally. No matter what route of administration is chosen, all of them lead to a drug addiction.
Pat F The main ingredients used in shake and bake are lithium, pseudoephedrine (Sudafed or generic Sudafed), and camp fuel. Look for lithium batteries, they can be any size but they usually look like double A’s or triple A’s. If you find any bottles that look like they might have been used to make meth DO NOT touch them. They might still be reactive. Hopefully the authorities got all of that out of the garage by now.
Michelle S Meth is completely synthetic and usually made in sketchy home-made "labs" like your mom's garage. It almost always contains cold medicine, which is why there are more restrictions on buying cold medicines now. But, it gets much worse. It's then combined with random highly toxic chemicals like battery acid, drain cleaner, lantern fuel and/or antifreeze. Cooking these highly explosive chemicals is extrememely dangerous, as your sister found out. I hope she gets the help she needs before anything happens. You and your mom should set boundaries, especially when it comes to living/being in your home. She is endangering not only herself but anyone in the home.
Deborah R It can be made from just about anything shack and bake is what she tried to make Al's known as rockfuel
Deborah R It can be made from just about anything shack and bake is what she tried to make Al's known as rockfuel