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Lauren B A Sister From DE

What is a sternum rub?

My sister OD’d a week ago and the paramedics brought her back to life with Narcan and a sternum rub. My parents already went out and got the Narcan nose spray just in case it happens again. My question is what is a sternum rub and is it something I need to know how to do in case of another overdose?
Julie S I used to perform sternum rubs when I was a paramedic. The purpose is to figure out how unconscious the person is by causing them pain. If you press on their sternum, sometimes the pain can wake them up if they aren’t too out of it. I wouldn’t try to learn this technique because you can end up doing more harm to the person than good. If someone is overdosing, your best bet is always to use Narcan and call 911.
HopetrackerA3 A sternum rub is commonly practiced by paramedics and EMTs to assess one's level of consciousness. It involves rubbing the knuckles while applying direct pressure to the breastbone, causing pain in the hopes of waking or getting a response from the patient. It is a common technique taught in overdose response training in addition to Narcan administration. I would recommend learning as much as you can while keeping in mind to always call 911, even if your loved one regains consciousness. They will still need to be assessed by a medical professional to ensure they are out of danger.