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"What is a good non-12-step support meeting in Philly?"
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After finally finding the courage to attend my first Al-Anon meeting, I’m sad to say that I really didn’t like it. I know it’s helped so many people, but I just didn’t feel like I connected with anything that was being said and honestly, it was just a little too religious for me. I’ve heard that non-12-step support groups are a great alternative and are more open to modern ideas about addiction. I really need to find a place where I can go to better myself and my understanding of my son’s disease. I can’t give up yet. Are there any like this in the Philly area? What’s the best way to find one near me? Click here to report this post as inappropriate. flag
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I started going to Families Anonymous and I really like those meetings. I would suggest giving them a try - you can go on and put in your zip code and local meetings come up. Good luck!
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My ex husband who lives in Philly was close enough to the Medford Ambrosia to go visit my daughter on Tuesdays and they had public meetings with a speaker, he said they were fantastic!
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It is important to try several meetings, as each one will have a different vibe. Families Anonymous is a family meeting that meets in the Philly and NJ area: Families Anonymous is less structured than other 12-step groups and allows crosstalk.
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