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HopetrackerA3 A Mom From FL

What if they leave rehab before they are discharged?

I’m worried about my daughter. She’s been in rehab for the past month and while we were talking on the phone the other day she kept saying that she was going to pack her bags and leave. I just figured she had a bad day or maybe even a hard week. I didn’t actually believe her. But, then I did some research and found out that no one can force her to stay. So, of course, I’m panicking. The rehab is located halfway across the country. I don’t even know where she would go if she left. Should I be concerned?
Wife17 When my husband wanted to leave rehab early (saying he had to get back to work) the therapist told me that this was a big concern and likely would end with him relapsing. I supported him in his decision to discharge early, only to realize a few days later that his impulse to leave was masking an impulse to drink. He himself was not even aware of this but both of us learned (through a lot of ups and downs) that any impulsive thoughts or actions in early recovery are usually based in the addiction.
Olivia K Treatment is an up and down process, and wanting to leave is a common response for anyone who is struggling and newly sober. It's important to remember your daughter's emotions are in the process of stabilizing. I suggest joining with the clinical team to support a positive outcome. They will have policies and procedures in place for these issues.