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HopetrackerA3 A Mom From FL

What happens if they get high in sober living?

I've heard these horrific things on the news about sober homes; that people are still getting high while they are there and apparently the supervisors just look the other way. They don’t even kick them out. What’s up with that? Doesn’t that make it that much harder for people actually trying to get sober?
Joan B I found it was imperative to do the research when it came to sober living for my son. I made the mistake of believing that because his sober home website looked legitimate and I was able to speak to the house manager that he was in a good place. Everyone, it turns out, was actively using there and he ended up back in treatment. With the help of the discharge planner, I learned there were good places out there, and was given referrals for homes that were DCF approved and registered under FARR (Florida Association of Recovery Residences). Not every state has regulations for sober homes, so I would recommend seeking help from addiction professionals and doing extensive research wherever you are looking.
Olivia K It is essential to find a quality, licensed and structured facility if you are looking into sober homes. Unfortunately, there are some who do not put client care first. A good facility will provide structure, accountability and a protocol for any relapses that includes the proper level of care. Look up the always in your state and find out how sober homes are regulated. You may consider consulting with an addiction specialist from a JCAHO-accredited facility to give you a list of recommended houses. Research as much as possible, get feedback from licensed professionals, and don't settle for anything that seems "off." If you find a place you are secure with, communicate with the owner and have your son sign a release so you can keep in contact with staff there for any issues that arise.