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"What could I have done differently to prevent my child's addiction?"
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I worked hard to give my son a good life. In high school, I knew he was drinking. I tried grounding him and kept alcohol locked up, but I felt like it was pretty normal. Everything escalated so quickly. Now, he's stealing from me and lying to my face. He's the opposite of the sweet baby I raised, and I don't know what I did wrong.  Maybe I should have been harder on him or talked more openly about drugs? I don't understand what I did so wrong that he turned out like this. Click here to report this post as inappropriate. flag
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I used to blame myself all the time.. did I work too much when she was young? Did I yell and scare her into using? I learned by attending to support groups that we all did things differently and our kids still somehow ended up addicts. I now focus on what I can do moving forward to help her get better
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It is common for a parent to blame themselves for a child's addiction, but you did not cause this in the same way you cannot cause an allergy or diabetes. No person is powerful enough to cause addiction, and this is an important fact to accept so you can begin focusing on solutions for yourself and your family. Addiction is not limited to any one circumstance, socioeconomic class, culture or background. It is a disease with neurological, psychological and physical components that cannot be determined by an individual person.
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