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Ginny L A Wife From DE

What can I do to help my husband stay sober after leaving treatment?

How can I help?
James F Hey, this is an excellent suggestion and I see a lot of humor in the previous comments. Of course, this is a personal matter, but to be honest, addiction can occur almost imperceptibly, so I prefer to take CBD + oil for health. The most important thing is that cannabidiol is safe and creates a wonderful feeling of relaxation.
The most important thing you can do is start getting support for yourself through counseling and Al-anon while having a plan in place for when he returns. Sessions 8 and 9 go over how to prepare for life after treatment which includes a relapse agreement plan for any concerns that may come up. Both of you should go over boundaries you want to set before he leaves treatment. It is also recommended to follow up with a couples counselor to help with communication and moving forward in early recovery, a time when both of you are likely to be vulnerable.