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HopetrackerA3 A Mom From FL

What can I do if I feel my daughter isn't taking my grandson's addiction seriously?

My daughter and I don’t have the best relationship, but I’m afraid she’s enabling my grandson’s addiction. She refuses to believe that he is stealing from her and instead fires every cleaning company she hires. I can see that he needs help and she just baby’s him. I’m worried that if I tell her what to do (or God forbid… tell him what to do), she’ll think I’m overstepping my boundaries and our already tumultuous relationship will suffer even more.
Katie D Is never good to stay quiet to 'keep the peace.' For your own sanity speak your truth in love and they focus on yourself. If your Grandson ever steals from you - call him out on it and set boundaries moving forward. Keeping secrets for the sake of 'peace' only fuels the addiction.
Olivia K The first thing that I suggest is finding a way to heal you and your daughter's relationship. Can you think of any steps you can take towards achieving that? Seek outside help if necessary by working with a therapist or other family support professional. Once you feel that you are in a better place, you can form a team to support your grandson's recovery.