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HopetrackerA3 A Mom From FL

Should I let my daughter and her boyfriend go to treatment together?

My daughter never did drugs before she started dating her current boyfriend. He’s been in rehab now for the past two weeks, and she's finally agreeing to seek treatment herself, as long as it’s the same rehab that her boyfriend is attending. I’m obviously concerned that he’ll continue to be a bad influence on her, but I’m even more terrified that if I say no then she’ll end up on the streets dead somewhere.
Olivia K Couples going to treatment together is typically not recommended, as it usually ends up being a distraction from working on themselves. Most treatment centers won't accept couples together anyway, so I would make sure to disclose the issue when you call the treatment center. They will be able to guide you from there and offer other options for treatment. The admissions professionals can help support you through the process of getting your daughter help in a healthy, productive environment.