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HopetrackerA3 A Mom From FL

Should I keep paying for rehab for my son, when he's not taking it seriously?

When my husband and I flew down to attend family weekend at our son’s rehab, we were looking forward to seeing his progress. But instead, he just goofed off the whole time, slept through the group talks, and didn’t participate at all. My husband thinks our money is going down the drain, but I think it’s important that our son stays until the end of the program. Am I naïve for thinking he might experience a breakthrough?
Olivia K If you see that he is not putting forth any effort in his recovery, I would ask his therapist to set up a family session and express your concerns as well as how his actions will affect your financial support moving forward. If you fully support him, you have the leverage to influence his motivation while in treatment and moving forward.