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"Should I call the cops on my own child?"
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Over the past few months, my son’s behavior has gotten out of control. He’s become verbally abusive towards me and his younger brother and, the other night he punched two holes in the wall near my head. I’m terrified that next time he’ll make contact. He’s just got so much pent up anger, and the drinking only exacerbates it. I’ve threatened him multiple times with calling the police, but I’ve always been too scared to follow through. I don’t want him to end up in jail, but I’ve tried everything else. What should I do? Click here to report this post as inappropriate. flag
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That sounds like such a tough decision to make, and I know of people who have been in your situation, and they said the best thing they did for their son was calling the police on them. They felt some serious consequences and finally started to change.
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If you are concerned about your safety and see that his aggression has escalated, I suggest contacting the police so that he is held accountable for his actions. At this point, he hopefully sees the extent of his problem, and you should discuss options to help him manage his anger. If drinking is an issue, he should go to treatment and possibly anger management therapy.
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