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HopetrackerA3 A Mom From FL

My teenage daughter is refusing help. What can I do?

I’m honestly at my wit’s end. I thought that I could help my daughter through her struggle, but it's obvious she needs a professional. But whenever I bring up therapy or group, she storms off. She is refusing to listen to me and has reverted to staying at a friend’s house. I’m trying to not enable her behavior, but if she isn’t here, then I can’t protect her. Maybe that’s for the best?
Olivia K It's vital that you get support for yourself by attending family support groups. Also, make a list of any points of leverage you may have to help push her in the right direction. Do you pay for her cell phone, car insurance, gas money? If you have no leverage and she is fully supporting herself, then I would consult with an interventionist to help with a different approach.