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Mom19 A Mom From FL

My son was recently admitted to a rehab program in South Florida. We were pre-approved by BCBS FL- after 7 days we were told his treatment is not medically necessary- After speaking to the facility, I have been told that BCBS FL typically ONLY approves all patients for 7-9 days. This is barely enough time to even complete detox. What even makes it worse is that this is the ONLY facility that is in network for BCBS FL and BCBS FL is the ONLY option in Florida for those who have insurance under ObamaCare. Why even bother paying for something that is no covering anything. I feel so disappointed!

Emma B That sounds awful! insurance stuff is so tricky! I would call the insurance company for a breakdown of benefits, and see if they are able to place him in a different facility (maybe need to look outside your immediate area) or ask about a one time agreement with a different facility in their network . Good luck!