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Gaye S A Mom From NJ

My son overdosed and had to be revived with Narcan and a sternum rub. He is in Victory Bay is that enough.

Martine I I'm glad to hear your son is okay. When we went to the rehab family meeting they asked anyone who has overdosed to stand up. Only two people in the room remained seated. This is a true crisis in the US. This will be the hardest road you and your family will take. He is in the right place and needs your continued support, love, and faith. All the best to you, your family and your son.
Katie D I'm so sorry but thank God he survived. From this point on it is up to him to take the suggestions of his Therapist and get to meetings and find a sponsor and start building a sober network and a new sober life. If he is in the right mindset it is enough.
Mom46 So sad to hear about your son... you’ve been through a lot and I hope that scared him enough to want to get real help and get his life back. . Thank God narcan was able to save his life. I hope he’s still in treatment. That’s the best place for him, I pray he stays as long as possible. I know your fear of not knowing if it’s enough, but as long as he’s still there getting treatment ... that’s the best place for him. Wishing you all the best and that he’s getting stronger each day.
Olivia K I am sorry to hear of your son's overdose but am glad to hear he is getting some help. I would suggest staying involved by speaking with his counselor about any concerns you have regarding his treatment plan. They can give you the best insight into his progress and level of care.