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Katie D A Sister From NJ

My Brother stopped going to meetings

My Brother had a few months clean from drugs and in the past few weeks he stopped attending meetings. He says he doesn't need them and he's been hanging out with his old friends. I am pretty sure he is still clean but is this a sign he is going to relapse??
Michelle D Yes huge sign!
Steve L Every person who has gone out and made it back to the rooms says the same 2 things - I stopped going to meetings & I stopped calling my sponsor. Add to that the return of triggers (places/people/situations), and it's a recipe for a sure slip.
Meli C I was told by the treatment center my mom attended that in early recovery they recommend them going at least 4 to 5 times a week. It depends a lot on how long they were suffering from the addiction also. My mom did not follow their advice and has relapsed twice. she got herself back on track the first time, and now a relapse that happened two days ago. She attended meetings twice a week and switched sponsors twice. You may want to recommend like Lawrence said, getting a sponsor in the mean time to avoid falling back into old ways.
Lawrence Traynor Yes, unfortunately if stops going to meetings and associates with friends that are using he will most definitely relapse. I suggest he "shop" for a temporary sponsor to get him back on track.