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Jessica K A Mom From PA

Is it normal for your Alcoholic loved one to be mean and short with you during phone conversations while they are half way through treatment?

feel like everytime we talk we fight. I just want to know how he's feeling or how things are going or what he wants to do once he's home and he gets really snippy and mad at me. I don't know how much more I can deal with. I want to be supportive and at the same time, he's so mean right now (and still doesn't believe hes an alcoholic which blows my friggin mind) only his drug use is an issue in his mind. I almost don't want to talk to him but then he says he wants to get better so we can have a life together. My heart is so sad and conflicted.
Tim Morgan I knowhow you feel and have been in your shoes before and still am now for about 2 weeks. this my wife's 4th attempt at inpatient rehab. your welcome to call me if you want to. 321-228-8298 I've learned more than I ever wanted to about addiction.
Tim Morgan Jessica,
Tim Morgan Jessica,
Olivia K Early recovery is uncomfortable and being in treatment can bring up some overwhelming emotions. People new to sobriety may end up taking out some of their feelings on those closest to them which can feel disheartening. It is important to learn about healthy communication skills you can both use to help redefine your relationship, ideally with the help of a therapist. It will take some time to adjust but it does not mean that you need to participate in hurtful conversations. It is best to save any sensitive discussions for a session with a professional third party present. Hopetracker Session 4 also goes over boundaries and communication which is a great place to start.