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HopetrackerA3 A Mom From FL

Is giving my son a place to stay enabling?

As a single father, it was challenging to say the least to maintain a good job and raise two kids (now grown adults). I tried my best, but I know it wasn’t easy on either of them when their mom died. Fortunately, my son (who took it the hardest) managed to graduate college with decent enough grades and find stable employment. After getting married last year I thought his demons were behind him, but the other night he surprised me on my doorstep with his bags packed. Apparently, he was fired from work because he was showing up drunk every morning and so, his wife kicked him out. He needs to get his life together, but he doesn’t seem to care. Am I enabling his bad habits by taking him in during his time of need?
Olivia K Not allowing him to feel the consequences of his actions is enabling. Rather than housing his addiction, you must encourage him to get help by not co-signing his bad behavior. I know it may be difficult turn him away from your home, but if you do, his only other option will be to get help. If untreated, his addiction will continue to escalate.