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"Is dope a heroin street name?"
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The other night my son fell asleep on the couch with his phone out and I scrolled through some of his text messages. I know that he has been hanging around some of his old friends from high school, and I had a bad feeling about it. I’ve caught him with pills before so I know when he’s up to something. His friends were talking about buying dope. When I was a kid dope was marijuana, but I know he is doing more than just smoking pot. Is dope slang for heroin too?
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Nowadays "dope" is typically slang for may also hear one refer to being "dope sick" which refers to heroin withdrawal. Years ago "dope" commonly meant marijuana but faded out in favor of words like "weed" or "pot." Some may still use "dope" to refer to marijuana or another drug popular in their community, but in current times is likely referring to heroin.
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Yes, dope is heroin. Try to get him to admit what he is doing directly so you don't have to guess. It's alot harder to help them when you have to play the guessing game
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