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Bee R A Dad From CA

Im I going crazy ? she says and swears im seeing things, for almost a month now I been battling her claims shes not loaded..and soo loaded she nodding out during any of our conversations, we have a 14 year old special needs child and im scared for him finding her passed out , as shes been falling into these spells ..I live in a very small town and there is no alanon alone..and scared for whats going to happen next. some one said shes probably taking fentanyl - the symptoms look the same from what i seen on videos..what can i do i need help

Wife is so high she falls asleep talking - needs help!
Bee R ahh, theres no reply button? i see now..just write into the box below the question. sorry..I just wanted to thank you for your reply, and ask what is a professional intervention? is this CPS? or something like that?
Bee R how do I reply to someone who answered my question in this forum?
Olivia K It sounds like an intervention might be needed, especially seeing as when you confront her she is denying any drug use. One on one usually does not work when it comes to confronting someone in active addiction. Getting a professional interventionist and a group of loved ones working together is ideal. There is also the option of asking her to take a drug test which she may or may not refuse. The most important thing is having guidance from a may want to ask her to attend a counseling session together so you have someone there to help you communicate properly.