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Sean M A Husband From PA

If my girlfriend does relapse and start drinking when she gets back.. what should I do? If its one drink do I need to take action? Should it be on her to make the right choice?

We used to go out for dinner a lot and we would both get a couple drinks. I know I need to stay in and cook more so we don't have that temptation but we are surrounded by nice breweries and bars. Its hard for her to avoid things that will be triggers. I have no idea how I am supposed to react if I do see her drinking.
Olivia K Completing a relapse agreement plan as outlined in session 8 is a good way to have a plan in place for addressing any red flags. I recommend going through it with the help of a counselor for added accountability and help with communication.
Concerning relapse, knowing the warning signs are the most important part of helping to curb a return to drinking. Picking up an actual drink is the last thing that happens in the relapse process, after a shift in behaviors/thinking (not going to meetings, calling supports, irritability, etc.)