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Tim Morgan A Husband From FL

I’m struggling on how to handle my sons mother currently at her 4th inpatient rehab facility. She doesn’t know I’m DONE with her, she thinks we’re still engaged. I want to tell her.

She doesn’t know that she is caught cheating repeatedly on me. First time at an inpatient place had a”rehab romance,” and didn’t even know that was a thing till afterwards. Struggling on how to compartmentalize her while shielding our 4 1/2 year old son.
Olivia K The best thing to do is to contact and discuss this with her current therapist in treatment. Get their input on how you should proceed and schedule a family session to help with communication. Most importantly, get support for yourself through family groups (Al-anon/Nar-anon) and counseling to make sure you have a place to process your emotions.