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"i;m an enabler i Know, I find it hard to communicate with my sons addiction , I thought i had it under control I'm ready to give up on him or at least I think I am . I'm tired and worn out rehab over and over again . he did well for a few months i was so proud I just cant do it any more"
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I have felt ready to give up so many times I've lost count, but somehow I always got pulled back in. The only thing that kept me sane were my support groups, you should give them a try!
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Communicating with addiction is not something that should be done one on one. I suggest forming a support group of loved ones in order to come together and communicate as a united front. This not only helps and protects you, but also is more likely to get the sufferer's attention. This can be very effective when done in the proper way with the help of a professional interventionist or family recovery coach.
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