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"I just need support"
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I asked my husband for a separation a couple of weeks ago. I will start going to Al-anon Wednesday. He is not seeking any outside help at this time. I am done, I have no more cycles left in me, now it's just going through the process. It's hard because he is so sad and devastated. We have 4 kids (17,15,14,12). I really have no more cycles left, I am not concerned about getting back together with him, I am concerned with how horrible it feels when he's around and how painful this process might be. Suddenly he has quit drinking and understands the issue. I'm focusing on my part in it: enabling and codependent behavior. Ugh. Please hold my hand. Thank you. Click here to report this post as inappropriate. flag
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Keep swimming, you can do it.
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Thank you so much for posting. I can imagine how overwhelmed you must feel and am very glad you are going to Al-anon. Focusing on your own recovery and self-care will be essential in dealing with your emotions. You are correct, it is a painful process but only because you are taking steps to change and grow. Fear is only natural, but you can get through by staying connected with others and trusting that on the other side is peace.
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