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HopetrackerA3 A Mom From FL

How easy is it to cheat on a drug test?

My brother struggled with drugs for several years before he went to rehab. When he came home, my parents drug tested him every week. Even though he hasn't failed a test in three months, I'm starting to feel suspicious. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but is it possible he could be cheating?
Melanie T oh, you have no idea how similar my situation was to yours.. My brother also just returned from a rehab center and everything seemed fine, we tested him each week and everything seemed to return back to normal. Until he began acting suspiciously so I decided to test him myself and made him take the advanced urine drug test dip card. As I was suspecting, he returned on the wrong path... So if you have suspicions you should test him again..
FormerUser So, yeah, unfortunatelly there are ways to cheat on such a test.. Though he could be still clear.. You cannot know for sure
FormerUser Yeah, I've heard of a similar situation.. that person was tested not only by urine but by hair at the end... and everything came out on the surface.
Joan B Unfortunately, yes. There are ways to cheat drug tests. In fact, advice and remedies are even sold online to do just that. But there are other test options besides urinalysis available that include saliva and hair testing. If you suspect someone of using someone else’s urine or taking something to "flush" their system, you can always try a saliva test which is relatively inexpensive.
Olivia K There are various ways people attempt to bypass a drug test. The most common is "flushing" which includes drinking massive amounts of water, sometimes combined with supplements that are marketed for detoxification. Often labs will test for specific gravity levels, which will hint at whether or not the urine is diluted. Another sign would be a lack of color in the urine. Other methods people use include substituting another (clean) person's urine for their own or adulterating their sample with bleach or ammonia. To answer your question, it is possible, but with an addicted person, these methods are not usually successful. With random, frequent drug tests, the user will ultimately be controlled by their urge to use rather than their desire to cheat the test. Another possibility is arranging for a hair, blood or saliva tests that have various levels of detection windows and accuracy but are harder to manipulate.