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Amy B A Mom From FL

How do you find true sober living places?

There have been so many times and locations where true sober living is not a priority by the facilitator, how can we insure that my son is moving into a safe place?
My suggestion is to make sure that you have the name and number of the discharge coordinator who will be recommending the aftercare facility/sober home. Communicate your concerns and ask in advance the names and contact numbers of where they are referring your loved one. Regulations for sober living vary from state to state so do your research. For example, here in Florida make sure the home is FARR (Florida Association of Recovery Residences) accredited. FARR ensures sober homes maintain a specific set of standards and ethics ( Don't be afraid to get involved and ask questions, especially the rules and regulations regarding relapse and rule breaking. Make sure that your loved one signs a release for you as soon as they get to sober living. Take down the name and number of the house manager and/or owner so you have a primary contact.