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HopetrackerA3 A Mom From FL

How do I know if they're at their "rock bottom"?

My beautiful daughter has stooped as low as selling her body on the streets to support her drug habit. My therapist claims that “everyone has their own rock bottom,” but I can’t wrap my head around it. I’ve tried taking her to support groups, therapy, and rehab but she continues to refuse help. How do I open her eyes to the disease before it's too late?
Lauren Schreck I overdosed several times. My parents were called on scene by the police when I was transported to a nearby hospital. I had been to about 6 treatment centers at this point with no sign of stopping. The EMT told my parents to do everything they can to keep me alive until I was 25. By then, most addicts have suffered enough to want to stop. He was right. I got sober at 22yrs old because my parents never gave up on me. I wasn’t enabled to do whatever I wanted, but the help was always offered. Rock bottom could be around the corner. We just have to keep trying at all costs.
Olivia K Each person has to take their own path getting to a place where they are ready to do whatever it takes to get and stay sober. You are doing the right thing taking her to support groups and therapy, but ultimately she will be the one that has to embrace the help and do something about her illness. It's hard to know when they are at their rock bottom, but the important thing is that they know when they have reached the point that they are willing to take action.