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St M A Mom From MI

How do I cut communication off from my daughter? She is my only child and it breaks my heart to have to do this. It is a consequence I did say if she left treatment again. I’m trying to find the strength to follow through

She has left the rehab several times she in in CA and I’m in MI so she has been in some shady situations. Did an intervention last week and left again the other day. She is not back again
Olivia K The most important thing is to start by getting support for yourself through a family group such as Al-anon and/or therapy. That way you will have people to lean on to help you through this as it will likely bring up some overwhelming emotions. Let your daughter know you cannot communicate if she is using but will be there for her when she is ready to get help. It is always a good idea to let her know ahead of time that if she contacts you for money or anything other than treatment you will not be engaging with her. Have a plan in place should she ask for help so you do not miss the opportunity when she is willing.