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HopetrackerA3 A Mom From FL

How can I tell if someone is using heroin?

My son is definitely on something. Every time we talk on the phone, he’s slurring — even in the middle of the day. I thought it might be pain pills leftover from his wisdom teeth surgery, but those would have run out months ago. I’m not sure where he’d be getting more from or if he’s into something much worse. I don’t even want to think about the possibility that he’s doing something like heroin, but how would I know?
Mom46 The way I found out was my daughter was so happy had so much energy, then ragging horrible moods, nodding off, slurring.. I had spoons missing and when i mentioned to her she brought downstairs to me... they were new spoons but were ruined. I always found orange caps, also heating pad next to her bed. She was using intravenously and every time I noticed she was on something... that same night she would use the heating pad on her arms to get any l7mos to go down. She also invested in lots of vitamins. Apparently helps to pass drug tests. So when she left the house I did a thorough check of her room trying to figure out what she was using. Found under mattress syringes, sock drawer more hidden syringes, inside her backpack hidden I found more syringes. Checked her car and found package of syringes in back pocket of front seat. Looked again another time and found box of aluminum foil under passenger seat. She was introduced to this drug by her boyfriend who also showed same behaviors. Also long sleeves no matter how hot it is.
Joan B The only way I was able to tell exactly what my son was taking was to drug test him. I had my suspicions, but until I confronted him and insisted he take a test, I went through everything from denial to anxiety over what it might be.
Olivia K The best way to be sure of what your son is taking is to administer a drug test. However, some signs and symptoms that present with heroin use are: combative and/or erratic behavior, isolation, depression, withdrawal from loved ones, "nodding out", intense itching, shortness of breath, increased sleeping, pressured and/or slurred speech, weight loss and lack of personal hygiene. Some of the more clear signs are: possession of drug paraphernalia such as burnt spoons or needles, bruises or "track marks" (often users wear long sleeves and pants to cover this up, even in warm weather) and stashing drugs in various "hiding spots" at home or work.