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HopetrackerA3 A Mom From FL

How can I get someone away from their alcoholic spouse?

I can't remember the last time I've seen my sister's husband sober. Maybe I never have. She's so convinced that he needs her, but he's unwilling to get help. It's been almost 18 years like this. I'm so sick of hearing about his alcohol problem. Why won't she just leave him already? How can I convince her to stop wasting her own life on someone that's clearly unwilling to change?
Marlene R Maybe applying for rehab should help. At least, it will give you additional time to think over your problems and get some actual help for the person in need. Here's the list of rehabs: I really hope that'll help.
Julie S I understand what you're saying. It's so hard. My Husband is an alcoholic, he was sober for a few years and has been in a bad relapse the past few months. I was always so fixated on fixing him and 'loving him' enough to make him get better. I was stuck in the cycle for years. I finally went to an al-anon meeting and started hearing other people who had the same situation as me and it changed everything. I still am with my Husband and I love him but I changed my behavior and thinking and am so thankful. Maybe you can go to an al-anon meeting yourself and then invite your sister?
Olivia K Addiction is a family illness and is not limited to the person who abuses substances. Often loved ones get caught in the cycle of chaos and can even become comfortable with it. It is difficult to watch someone you care about in an unhealthy situation, but she has to come to the point where she is ready for and wants change. I would urge you to get your own support and focus on how to accept where she is at and the boundaries you may need to set.