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HopetrackerA3 A Mom From FL

How can I fix my husband's alcohol problem?

My husband doesn’t drink all week but once 5:30 hits on Fridays, he’s immediately at the bar downing shots. I usually have to go and pick him up, so he doesn’t drink and drive, but the other night he drove home at 2 am and crashed his truck into a telephone pole. He’s lucky he didn’t kill someone! I’ve been researching local therapists, but what if he doesn’t want to go?
Wife17 I realized there was nothing I could do to stop my husband from drinking. It was hard to accept, but once I focused on my own reactions and started to set boundaries I felt empowered rather than hopeless.
Olivia K While you cannot "fix" your husband's problem, you can take actions to get support for yourself and learn how to set healthy boundaries that may or may not motivate him to get help. The only thing you can control is your reaction to the circumstances and getting your own support. This may include seeking out advice from people in Al-Anon or consulting with a therapist to help guide you. Ultimately, focusing on your well-being and committing to your own process of recovery will help empower you to move forward in a healthy direction.