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"Do I need to have an intervention?"
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No matter what rule we have in place, our daughter continues to break them. Even after we were forced to call the cops on her, she still doesn't give two (you know what's) about the repercussions. Our therapist recommended we conduct an intervention with some of her close friends, but honestly, half of them are just like her: hopped up on one thing or another. I just imagine them rolling their eyes the entire time. Will it be a waste of time? Click here to report this post as inappropriate. flag
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Personally, I don’t think an intervention is ever a waste of time, whether it gets the results you are hoping for, or it doesn’t. No matter what, you are trying. Maybe through all your trying, your loved one will see that they have support and love and decide to take you up on the offer.
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It is not a waste of time if done the right way. It is essential to develop a support group of close HEALTHY friends and family who are on the same page and want her to get help. Anyone who is using should not be included, as this will give her an easy way out and defeat the purpose. Hiring a professional interventionist can make all the difference in ensuring that the intervention is carried out effectively. This does not necessarily mean she will accept help, but it will give the best chances for the family to heal, focus on solutions and ensure they are not enabling the addiction in any way.
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