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HopetrackerA3 A Mom From FL

Can trauma cause addiction?

We had a rough childhood - to say the least. There was both sexual and physical abuse in our house. My older sister probably got the worst of it. Is that why she's an addict? I'm trying to understand how five of us can go through the same hell, but only one became an addict.
Katie D Anyone can become addicted to drugs or alcohol for a whole multitude of reasons. It comes down to genetics, environment, coping skills, body chemistry... it's hard to say one specific thing causes an addiction. It's best to focus on the solution and not the cause.
Wife17 I think trauma can contribute to the addiction or possibly make it more likely someone will choose self-destructive ways to self-medicate. I know my husband's abuse history played a big part in the acceleration of his addiction but would not say it was the only cause of it.
Olivia K Addiction does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone, anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether they are white or black - from a good family living in a great neighborhood or a low-income family forced to grow up alone and on the streets. It truly comes down to the person and the individual choices they make in response to their life and what they experience.