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HopetrackerA3 A Mom From FL

Can my daughter drink normally again?

My daughter was up to a liter of vodka a day. We sent her to treatment, and she's out now, has a job and is living in a halfway house. She can't wait to come home and hang out with her friends, and I know they drink. I don’t have a problem with her having a beer here and there, but her therapist thinks otherwise. Is this going to be a struggle for the rest of our lives?
Joan B Her therapist is right. Being an alcoholic means she has an allergy to alcohol which guarantees that if she puts a drink in her system, she will trigger the physical craving and mental obsession to continue drinking. A liter a day is very serious, and risking igniting that flame again is not worth it. My son found that he could not hang out with his friends if they were drinking and had to surround himself with people in recovery. He was, however, able to continue seeing his friends who were supportive of his sobriety and join them in activities as long as it didn’t involve drinking.
Olivia K Your daughter will not be able to drink alcohol successfully. She learned a lot about this in treatment, and as she continues working on her recovery, she will find out what is best for her. It may be a good idea for you to find an addiction therapist to talk to so you can better understand the disease of alcoholism.