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At Ambrosia Treatment Centers, we strive to build a partnership with professionals and specialists in the area and throughout the country so that each and every one of our clients achieves the goals they set for themselves — and then some. We are constantly working with others in the field to grow our network and continue to rise to the occasion of ensuring that all clients have all the tools possible to get sober and maintain a life-long recovery. It is with the help of you that we are able to increase client outcomes. 

We are not always able to provide each client with everything that they need to build their recovery, as some steps come from other resources. When we refer our clients to you, we entrust that you will provide them with the same level of care and dignity that we did. We focus on developing a network of professionals who are also committed to providing clinical excellence to all clients they work with. By referring our clients to you, we are telling you that we value your work ethic and respect your standards of care. We hope to build strong working relationships with you as we continue to grow and provide high-end clinical services. We view you as valuable partners to our business and treat you as such. 

Our Ethical Commitment

When working with you, we vow to uphold our own ethical standards and commitments so that everyone involved, including the client, is well-informed of any and all actions. Some of the ways that we do this include the following:

  • We value our marketing practices, meaning that we do not do business with any businesses that are dishonest or unethical. We do not source-out to random businesses, nor do we participate in running advertisements that do not reflect our core values, goals, and work. 
  • Ambrosia Treatment Centers always puts the client first. When we refer clients to you, we are doing so because we believe that you are the best fit for the needs of the client. We are not involved in making referrals based on finances, nor will we ever be. 
  • We ensure that all of our actions are put right out on the table. We do not try to hide or cloud anything. We want you and our clients to be involved in each process to maintain full transparency.
  • We maintain our ethics when working with insurance companies so that you and our clients are always fully aware of the parameters of care regarding cost and services covered.
  • All drug testing is not billed to an insurance company
  • Certain kinds of treatment programs (e.g. residential treatment, outpatient treatment) and their benefits are accepted at Ambrosia Treatment Centers. This allows clients to apply their benefits appropriately. 

As much as we trust you in continuing the care of our clients, know that we also want you to trust us equally if one of your client’s needs treatment that falls within our abilities. Just as we ask you to care for our clients with the same respect that we do, know that you will do the same when you send clients of yours to our facilities. 

If you have any questions, learn more about our admissions process or please reach out to us right now at 888-492-1633. We look forward to building a strong, healthy relationship with you! 

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