Ambrosia Treatment Center’s Unwavering Commitment to Philadelphia

Ambrosia Treatment Center’s Unwavering Commitment to Philadelphia  

On the corner of Allegheny Avenue and Tulip street is Ambrosia Treatment center, an essential medically supervised addiction rehabilitation and detox center supporting the city of Philadelphia and communities throughout Pennsylvania.  The city’s newest Drug and alcohol treatment facility is caring for patients at ground zero of the worst opioid addiction epidemic Pennsylvania has ever known.  Ambrosia’s medical staff have been and continue caring for patients even during the Coronavirus outbreak.   While, the drug epidemic, coupled with the worst pandemic seen since 1918, has some other medical clinics shut down, Ambrosia Treatment Center has never shut its doors to suffering patients.

Ambrosia’s CEO Jerry Haffey Sr. has stated that “regardless of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have an obligation to our patients and communities who rely on us during these unprecedented times.  Our commitment to care for our communities is even more important when other clinics have closed their doors.  That’s why Ambrosia stands ready to help and has enacted new CDC COVID-19 safety protocols to protect our clients and staff.”

“While the heartache that the opioid addiction crisis has wrecked on my childhood hometown is terrible” says Haffey. “I know that through Ambrosia, we can give back and make sure we continue care for patients even during extraordinary times like the COVID-19 epidemic.  We’re prepared to help thousands more.  Our continued quality care is so vital now more than ever before.”

Living his entire childhood in Philadelphia, Ambrosia CEO & Founder, Jerry Haffey Sr. has an intimate passion and foundness for Philly, its people and Pennsylvania.  As a registered nurse in his native Philly, Jerry served the sick and suffering for decades before founding Ambrosia.

Ambrosia has been a leading provider of science-based substance abuse treatment since 2007. The company operates multiple addiction centers in Florida in addition to Philadelphia. Over ten thousand northeast residents have been traveling to Ambrosia’s Florida drug and alcohol abuse treatment centers to recover for well over a decade and now can get inpatient drug & alcohol abuse treatment closer to home. Ambrosia Treatment Center facilities include:

Addiction is a painful and challenging disease. According to the state’s Department of Health, the opioid overdose epidemic is the “worst public health crisis in Pennsylvania.”  Most health insurance policies cover addiction rehabilitation. Those looking for help with addiction can easily verify drug rehab and alcohol rehab insurance coverage by calling Ambrosia’s toll-free helpline 24/7.

Ambrosia Philadelphia is a state of the art medical facility that boasts an impressive 120 beds dedicated to withdrawal management and evidence-based addiction treatment.  The staff at Ambrosia are devoted to the fight against substance abuse disorder. From the facility director, down to the resident managers, to the doctors, nurses, technicians and others.  The entire team is unified in single common goal to care for our clients.  And to help them and their families get their lives back to build a future of success for our communities.  Ambrosia is committed to provide care, even during these challenging times. Ambrosia will always be there even when there is nowhere to turn.  We’re committed to keep our doors open, always welcoming anyone that needs help.

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