Sponsorship is vital to early recovery. A person struggling with addiction is provided encouragement, guidance and accountability from someone else with years of recovery and experience.

You have to work on recovery for yourself, but you do not need to work on it alone.

The following guidelines for sponsorship are recommended.

  1. Same-sex pairing avoids unwanted complications
  2. A real connection upfront is important, as a sponsor will be very influential
  3. A sponsor should share their insights and provide a different outlook
  4. A sponsor should also have a sponsor
  5. Sponsors must have already worked through a recovery program, typically with six-month sobriety
How to Find a Sponsor

Consistent reinforcement of positive behavior is crucial for recovery. Usually, this type of support is readily and conveniently available through group meetings. Alumni, 12-step or other recovery meetings welcome newcomers with open arms with the specific purpose of building critical relationships. By attending meetings, a newcomer can meet various people to guide them in finding the right sponsor.

Our Sponsor “Buddy” System

Throughout treatment, a Wellness Representative introduces clients to successful graduates of the program. These alumni share their experience, strength, and hope with the newcomers, allowing the opportunity to meet potential sponsors with sobriety and solutions.

The Alumni Wellness team continues to support sponsorship after treatment through weekly meetings, fun monthly events and, most importantly, 24/7 personalized sponsor recommendations. In states like California and Florida, recovery events and conventions meet throughout the year and attract visitors from throughout the United States.

Reach the Wellness team directly at (888) 492-0489.

Asking for Sponsorship

Asking someone for sponsorship can seem nerve-wracking, but in reality, the proposal is flattering, and most people are more than willing to help. After all, they have been in the same position themselves.

  • “Who do I ask?” Anyone that you relate to with at least six months of recovery completed their 12-steps, and that has a future and a plan that appeals to you.
  • “What do I say?” It is as simple as asking if the person is currently sponsoring.
  • “What if they say no?” If someone is not able to sponsor you at the moment, ask for their phone number and continue searching. In many cases, they can still guide you to another person with who can take on a sponsee. One of the key factors in recovery is networking, meeting new people and connecting with others to ensure sobriety, regardless of feelings of discomfort or disappointment.
How to Become a Sponsor

Sponsorship is simply another addict or alcoholic investing their time, knowledge, experience and hope with another individual that is newer to recovery. Anyone who has maintained sobriety for at least six months, a completed 12-step program, and with the availability and compassion to help others is an ideal sponsor.

In fact, the relationship can be just as beneficial for the sponsor.

Why do I need a sponsor?

Sponsorship reminds newly sober individuals that there is, at least, one person who understands what they are going through. A sponsor shares their experience on a continuous, individualized basis, typically in alignment with 12-step to ensure progress on the program as well.

A sponsor provides an understanding and caring friend who will hold them responsible and accountable to recovery, as well as introduce the newcomer to meetings, the fellow recovering alcoholics/addicts, and service work.

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