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Family support groups are usually free, so you have nothing to lose. Beyond the meeting content, it feels good to be proactive and understood.

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What’s Stopping You?

When to Consider Therapy

If addiction controls your life despite going to meetings, therapy offers more personal advice and coping skills. If you’re striving to rebuild your relationship, a therapist is a great mediator. If children are involved, therapy helps them process their feelings. Don’t be shy, passive or embarrassed about therapy. Your feelings matter!

Finding a Therapist allows you to filter certified professionals near you with specific criteria — whether parenting an adult child or marriage counseling. Interview and get a quote from more than one therapist to compare. Start off planning to go at least twice and go back whenever you’re feeling stuck.

If money is an issue, search for religious organizations, non-profits or community health centers in your area that offers low or no cost options. Every step in the right direction is worth it.


Paying for Therapy

The average cost is $60-150 per session. “Sliding scale” means the therapist charges less based on income.

Most insurance plans include therapy, but you may have co-pays ($20-75 on average) and/or a deductible (an amount you pay for any healthcare before insurance kicks in). If your loved one hit an out-of-pocket maximum this year, you can use their insurance for sessions together without paying more. Call the number on your insurance card to see which costs apply.

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Thinking About Treatment?

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