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Everything You Need to Know

What should I do now?

Realizing that you or someone you love needs help with drugs or alcohol is scary and overwhelming. Doing research and talking to professionals helps you understand what you should be doing. No matter where you are emotionally, mentally or physically, we’re here to help.

Click through hundreds of articles reviewed by our Chief of Clinical Compliance, Dr. Raichbach PsyD CFSW LP LCSW. Or, give us a call (or chat). The person at the other end has been in your shoes. Their story and 10K+ others prove that you can do this. You’re not alone.

Addiction is a complex disease and quitting takes more than good intentions. Whether you’re just noticing the problem or you need a fresh approach, never be afraid to reach out for help. (It’s much scarier not to).

  • Read as much as you can online
  • Talk with professionals and others in your same situation
  • Go to (or encourage) science-based treatment


HopeTracker.org is the best place for families to learn about addiction and connect with thousands of other families.

The 10-session crash course teaches you everything you need to know about addiction and your role in their recovery, specifically:

  1. Addiction 101
  2. Support Groups
  3. Enabling
  4. Communication
  5. Interventions & Legal Options
  6. Treatment
  7. Detaching with Love
  8. Staying Positive
  9. Life after Rehab
  10. Addiction Quiz

The open forum allows you to ask specific questions and get advice from professionals and other families that have been there before.

The community allows you to read journal posts from other families to remind you that you are not alone.

Staying positive and motivated is a common challenge in addiction and recovery.

Here are our top 3 resources:

  1. Staying Positive Page — simple techniques you can incorporate into your daily life to feel happy and in control of your thoughts.
  2. Addiction Quotes Page — 65 powerful quotes, along with self-care reminders, for a quick hit of inspiration.
  3. “We Do Recover” Campaign — hundreds of stories of recovery to give you hope.


Keep up as we publish addiction research and update our treatment programs. We also list the thousands of news media mentions here too.

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The best way to get your questions answered or get advice specific to your situation is to reach out. While it can feel scary, the conversations are 100% confidential and you don’t have to be committed to coming here or even to getting treatment to talk to someone.

The help and chat lines are:

  • Available 24/7
  • Answered by people who have been there before
  • The best resource to get help
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The use and abuse of one of the newest drugs that hit the market, called Flakka have grown in popularity. This drug has no medical use, making it more prone to abuse, and it is perilous and additive once taken.

Marijuana Drug Addiction, Risks and Treatment

Effective Treatment for Clonidine Addiction

Do you need help with Clonidine addiction? We are here for you. Ambrosia Treatment Center has 3 locations in Florida and another location in Philadelphia. Contact us today to get started on a clean path back to life.

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Trazodone Addiction Treatment

Ambrosia Treatment Center is here to help you get through trazodone addiction. We have rehab centers throughout Florida and in Pennsylvania. Contact us today to get the help you need and deserve.

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Gabapentin addiction treatment that works. Ambrosia Treatment Center has locations throughout Florida and Pennsylvania. Get the help you need - contact us now.

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Get your health, future, and family back with top-rated compassionate care at one of our Tramadol Addiction Treatment Centers. Call us today to get the help you need.

Rehab Admissions

Need addiction help today? Ambrosia’s admissions team is available 24/7 to guide you through the intake process and get you safe, effective treatment, ASAP.

Drug Alcohol Addiction Intervention Services

If a loved one is refusing treatment, an addiction intervention may be the best option. Call today to speak to a recovery specialist about our interventionists.

Finding a Treatment Center for Your Parents

Is Mom or Dad struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction? This guide will show how to find the right treatment center for a parent struggling with addiction.

Ambrosia Treatment Center announces Partnership with Drexel University

Philadelphia drug treatment clinic Ambrosia will employ Drexel University co-op students while teaming up to research addiction treatment outcomes.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab

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Our top-rated rehab centers have limited occupancy for select few clients. Start your recovery with treatment that really works from experts that actually care.

Adderall vs. Meth

Meth and Adderall are both stimulants and share many of the same properties. But is there a difference between these two substances really the same?

Is Marijuana Addictive?

As the public perception of marijuana changes, the question remains: Can you become addicted to weed? Get the facts about marijuana use disorder here.

Oxycodone Withdrawal & Detox Timeline (And Helping the Symptoms)

Oxycodone is a pain medication in the opioid class. Take it for too long, and your brain becomes accustomed to it. You'll need to go through withdrawal to reverse the damage and prepare you for the work that comes next in rehab. Learn more about the process.

Drug Use and Constipation: The Facts to Know

Drugs can keep your intestines from functioning. You'll visit the bathroom less, and when you do go, it's uncomfortable. The easiest way to ease symptoms is to stop using drugs. Learn about additional options to keep things moving.

Oxycodone Addiction, Abuse & Treatment: The Definitive Guide

Oxycodone (Roxicodone) is a prescription medication that is meant for treating pain, but it's highly addictive and abuse prone. Learn more online today!

Risks & Dangers of Snorting Hydrocodone

Hydrocodone pills should be swallowed whole, but some people crush them and snort the powder. That delivers an immediate and powerful high, and it comes with both short-term and long-term risks. Learn more.

Sleeping Pill Addiction: How to Recognize the Signs

Sleeping pills are designed to relax your mind, so rest comes easily. But some can also deliver euphoria, and that makes them a target for abuse. Learn the symptoms of sleeping pill addiction.

The Connection Between Bipolar Disorder and Addiction

Life with bipolar means bouncing from one emotional extreme to the other. It's no wonder that so many people with the condition lean on addictive substances like alcohol. Learn more about the connection.

The Definitive Signs of Binge Drinking

Drink alcohol with the express purpose of getting drunk, and you're binge drinking. Do that too often, and you could qualify for an alcohol use disorder. Learn the signs of binge drinking here.

Hangovers and Age

Do hangovers really worsen as you age? To find out, we surveyed 996 people about the drinking behaviors that led to their most recent hangover. Continue reading to learn what they had to say.

Guessing Overdose Trends

Ever wondered just how far off public perceptions of drug overdose rates differ from reality? The answer may surprise you. Read on to find out more.

Can Cyclobenzaprine Be Abused? (Why or Why Not?)

Cyclobenzaprine is a muscle relaxant, and for some people, it's a perfect addition to an addiction to drugs like heroin or cocaine. If you're abusing cyclobenzaprine either alone or in conjunction with other medications, learn how you can stop.

Drugs and Libido: The Short- and Long-Term Effects

If you think drugs make sex better, think again. Substances like alcohol, opioids, and cocaine are associated with physical and mental health changes that can make sex uncomfortable, unlikely, or both. Learn more.

Addiction & Treatment for People With Medical Conditions

Ongoing drug and alcohol abuse can lead to damaged organs, brain cells, and immune system function. Abuse can also heighten cancer risks. Quitting is the best way to stay safe. Learn how.

Morphine Withdrawal: What to Do During Each Step of the Timeline

Detox is the first stage in your recovery process. Your brain cells will heal, and you'll learn how to avoid morphine for good. Learn the steps you can take to keep yourself calm and comfortable as your brain and body heals.

Mixing Medications with Alcohol

Mixing alcohol with medications can have dire consequences. Here is a guide to 11 of the most popular medications on the market and what happens when you drink.

United States of Addiction

Substance abuse is killing around 430 Americans — more than a jumbo jet crash — each day. Even with 7,414 daily drug and alcohol-related arrests.

South Carolina Addiction Status [Updated 2019]

The US is battling an opioid epidemic, but cities and states across America are fighting back. Find out how these South Carolina cities are bucking the trends.

2021 Newborn Drug Testing

Babies born to drug-addicted mothers are fighting an uphill battle from birth. Some states have laws to prevent neonatal abstinence syndrome, but is it enough?

How Long Does Vicodin Withdrawal Last?

Vicodin withdrawal is the first stage on your recovery path. The discomfort can last for a few days to a few weeks, but the cravings could persist for even longer. Learn how your team can use medications to help you move through the change without returning to Vicodin abuse.

Vicodin Addiction

Vicodin is a prescription opioid painkiller that can be destructive to an addict’s life. Learn more about a road to recovery at Ambrosia Treatment Center today!

Morphine Addiction Treatment Options

Morphine is a prescription painkiller made to assist with moderate to severe pain. People addicted to the drug can get better, but they often need a combination of medication, therapy, and support group work to turn the corner and develop a sober life. Learn more.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient: What’s the Difference?

Inpatient care involves moving out of your house. Outpatient care involves traveling to treatment regularly. Which is the right approach for your addiction? It depends on your history, preferences, financial situation, and more.

Pregnancy, Addiction, and Treatment

The drugs you take while you're pregnant move through the placenta and into your child. You can both develop addictions, and your child can die. Learn how treatment programs can help you get sober safely.

Drug Addiction and Treatment for Women

Learn how women and men face different addiction risks. Women tend to abuse different drugs, and they have a varied path to recovery. For some women, a program that's sensitive to gender is best. For others, any program that is tailored would offer real help.

Signs of Heroin Addiction

People with heroin addictions may not talk about the problem openly. They'll do almost anything to hide it. But you might spot the signs of abuse in physical and mental health changes caused by drugs, and you might spot injection kits too. Learn more about the signs of heroin addiction.

Does Aetna Pay for Detox and Drug Rehab?

Aetna has a surprisingly progressive view of addiction recovery and treatment. Many plans offer full coverage for detox and rehab, but there are exceptions. And you'll need to take several steps before you enroll to make sure your care is covered and unexpected bills aren't headed your way.

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Pay for Treatment?

Blue Cross Blue Shield is active across the United States, but each BCBS outpost is locally owned and operated. They all offer some form of addiction coverage, but the details can vary widely from company to company and plan to plan.

Confronting a Spouse About Addiction

Addictions can tear marriages apart. But the love and support you show could also be a critical part of recovery. You can start the conversation informally, but if you don't see a change, you might need an expert's help.

EMDR Trauma Treatment

Trauma can leave an imprint on your mind and your self-worth. neuro-science is meant to help you process your memories and develop a new opinion of yourself. If your addiction is complicated by trauma, this could be an important therapy for you.

Yoga and Meditation in Recovery

Both yoga and meditation prompt you to focus on your breath while letting distractions pass by. Those could be critical skills as you fight addiction, but these therapies work best when paired with conventional addiction care.

Nutrition and Recovery

Addiction and malnutrition often go hand in hand. Rehab programs can connect you with the professionals and meals that can help to guide your healing and prepare you for a happier, sober life.

Does Adderall Cause Withdrawal?

Adderall can cause withdrawal, and it can last for weeks. In a detox program, you'll have access to medications, supportive care, and therapy to help you move through this process and into a sober future.

Adderall and Study Drug Addiction and Treatment Options

Study drugs like Adderall are extremely popular with college students looking for a competitive edge. But do you know how addictive these drugs really are?

Addiction Rates in Young Adults and College Students

During young adulthood, intense pressure and unaccustomed freedom collide. For many people, that results in the abuse of alcohol, prescription medications, or other substances. When an addiction appears, treatment offers the best chance of recovery.

What Are the Short- and Long-Term Effects of Heroin Abuse?

Heroin is powerful, and its effects persist long after the high has worn off. Physical problems include heart disease, abscesses, and addiction.

Traveling for Treatment: The Benefits

Travel offers you the opportunity to escape from triggers, connect with other sober people, and truly focus on your sobriety. For many people, it's the best way to achieve longstanding recovery.

Signs of Adderall Abuse

Adderall is a prescription stimulant, and when it's abused, it causes physical, behavioral, and financial problems you can spot. When you do, a tough talk could help to start the healing process.

How Long Do Drugs Stay in Your System?

Researchers have spent years examining how long various drugs stay active within the human body. While your experience may vary, most studies suggest that drugs are active for just a few minutes to a few hours.

Drug Addiction Rates and Statistics in Philadelphia

Painkillers, heroin, and prescription drugs are all abused in Philadelphia. In some cases, they're used in open-air markets in front of spectators. These statistics are depressing, but help is available.

PTSD & Addiction

Trauma leaves behind damage you can feel but that others may not see. Alcohol and drug abuse is common in people with PTSD, and it tends to make things worse. Treatment plans are designed to address both problems at the same time.

Treatment Success

It's difficult to determine what addiction treatments work and what don't because everyone with addiction is a little different. There are some forms of care doctors tend to recommend to most people hoping for sobriety.

Anxiety & Addiction

When feelings of nervousness and worry threaten to overwhelm you on a regular basis, an anxiety disorder may be to blame. Addictions can complicate your recovery. Treatment works, and people just like you get better every day.

ADHD & Addiction

ADHD can cause a lack of focus combined with poor self-control. Self-medication with drugs or alcohol may seem like a good solution, but addictions make mental illness so much worse. Treatment plans can change your thoughts and your behavior for the better.

Borderline Personality

Borderline personality disorder changes the way you think, feel, and behave. You may lean on substances to calm your symptoms and soothe your distress, but addiction makes everything worse. In treatment, you can get better.

Stress & Addiction

Short-term stress is helpful, but longstanding tension can harm your health, especially when it's combined with drug use. Treatment programs can teach you how to combat stress, so you won't be tempted to add in dangerous and addictive substances.

OCD & Addiction

OCD is a mental illness that combines obsessions and compulsions. For some, addictions seem like good solutions. But addictions can make an underlying mental illness so much worse. It doesn’t have to be this way. Therapy can make things better.

Treatment for Couples

Addiction is often private and personal. But when it hits both sides of a couple, it can intensify the misery. Couples treatment is right for some people, but some do better in programs that are intended just for them.

Codeine Overdose

Codeine is a central nervous system depressant. Take too much, and you can slide into a coma-like state that requires swift medical attention. Don’t mess around with overdose. Call 911.

Hydrocodone Withdrawal

Hydrocodone abuse causes persistent brain changes. During detox, you'll work through the damage and ease your brain and body into a new way of life. After detox, you'll be ready to do even more work in rehab.


Hydrocodone is a prescription medication that's designed to ease pain. But it can also cause intense discomfort in the form of addiction. This drug changes brain chemistry, and that leads to compulsive drug use in some people.

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is meant to curb painkiller addictions, but it can be highly addictive and habit-forming. Learn about recovery options at Ambrosia Treatment Center.

Holistic Treatment

Holistic treatment involves therapies that fall outside of mainstream medicine. Luxury centers involve amenities that keep you calm and comfortable but don't actively contribute to your recovery.


DXM is an active ingredient in many cold medications, including both pills and syrups. At high doses, it acts just like PCP and other hallucinogenic drugs. It can cause dependence, but treatment can help you to break the ties of addiction.

Health Insurance

Using private insurance for addiction treatment gives you more options and is cheaper than fully paying out of pocket. Most policies include mental health.


Drug withdrawal is one of the biggest deterrent’s individuals face when wanting to get sober. Medically assisted detox will get you thru this safely and comfortably.

Alcohol Medications

Medications can help your body to overcome the trauma of addiction. When paired with therapy, it could help you achieve sobriety — something you may not have thought possible.

Recovery Tools

Staying sober is hard work. Here are the 5 most helpful tools to help you, according to our alumni. The whole list cost $0.00. #1 I am Sober (free app) #2...

Kindling Effect

The kindling effect increases your risk of serious alcohol withdrawal seizures. Each time you have a seizure, you up the risk of the next one. Learn how treatment can stop this cycle.

Wet Brain

If you’ve been drinking for a long time at heavy levels, you may experience a decline in mental function. This could be wet brain, or Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. Learn why immediate treatment is needed for this serious condition.

Working Professionals

You may think a fulltime job makes it impossible for you to get addiction treatment. This isn’t true. Learn about rehab options for working professionals.

Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be tough, and without proper medical care, severe alcohol detox can even be fatal. Alleviate your worries by learning about what will keep you safe during alcohol withdrawal and how long the whole process will last.

Heroin Detox

If you need to detox from heroin, you know how intensely addictive the drug is. Learn what physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms you’ll experience and how long the process will take.

U.S. Opioid Epidemic

America’s got a problem. Opioids were designed to ease pain. Instead, their use has sparked abuse and addiction across the United States.

Codeine Withdrawal

Your body begins to heal during codeine withdrawal, and the worst of it is usually over in about a week. But some symptoms will persist for weeks or even months.


Codeine abuse can be intense. It can trigger the same addictive response as Vicodin and other opioids. Addictions can progress for years before they're caught. Learn how to get help and get better.

Cocaine Detox

The acute phase of cocaine detox is over in less than a week, so you might think you’re in the clear. But cravings for the drug can persist for weeks or even months. Treatment can keep you from acting on the urge to use.

Addiction in West Palm

Prescription drugs and heroin are major problems for West Palm Beach. But there are many organizations in the area that can help you find recovery from addiction.

Xanax Withdrawal

It can be daunting to think that Xanax withdrawal can take months to complete. Your doctor can help by creating a tapering schedule for you, and there are other therapies you can try to ease distress at home.


Xanax can seem soothing and calming. But the drug changes brain chemistry, and in time, you could be compelled to use the drug even when you don't want to do so. Learn how to spot signs of Xanax addiction.

New Addiction Treatment Facility Opening in Philadelphia to Help Battle the Opioid Epidemic

Ambrosia's new location in Philadelphia, PA will help more than 1,500 people a year, including an entire floor for the severely underserved Medicaid population.

Addiction Treatment

Is there a treatment for addiction? Yes, but it's not simple. Addiction is a chronic disease; you can’t stop for a few days and be cured. Learn more now.

Drug & Alcohol Learning Center

Addiction is a complex disease and quitting takes more than good intentions. Whether you’re just noticing the problem or you need a fresh approach, we're here to help.

Addiction Statistics

As the addiction problem in the United States continues to grow, the cost of substance abuse is rising. Here we review the numbers behind the nationwide problem.

Trauma and Addiction

Traumatic episodes can end quickly, but the damage can persist. Addictions develop through self-medication, but there's another way to heal. Treatment can help you work through the past and into the future.

Cris CarterWe Do Recover

Fans would be surprised how much drug culture exists in pro football. In the 1980s, it was out of control. Without much thought, I started abusing alcohol & cocaine.

Jennifer’s Story

I heard a voice clear as day that said, “You’re better than this.” I knew I had a chance that not a lot of addicts get. I knew I had to get sober.

Andrew Gallagher We Do Recover

I was desperate to figure out how to manage life without drugs and alcohol as a crutch, and I was willing to do whatever it took to get there.

New “HopeTracker” Website Wants to Help You Understand Addiction

An online course and community just launched to help families of addicts feel connected, educated and empowered.

Ambrosia Treatment Center adds ARISE® Intervention Services

Ambrosia's Donny Sutton Brown helps families to fight against the disease of addiction with ARISE®, a non-confrontational, family-oriented intervention method.

Inauguration Events Serve as Forum for Addiction Conversation

The treatment industry needs legislation now more than ever before. Trump's Inauguration served as a venue to discuss treatment resources with decision makers.

Controlling Your Thinking

It’s easy to fall into negative thinking when addiction rules your life. Avoid the trap of negative thoughts and learn how to take back control of your life.

Baker Act & Marchman Act

It's frustrating watching someone self-destruct, but you may be able to use the Marchman or Baker Act to force them to get the mental health care they need.

Addiction in Hollywood

Despite the glitz, glam & fashion, even the most famous celebrities are not immune to addiction. Read their personal struggles & inspirational recoveries.

Trust & Addiction

For years after I was clean, I kept wondering how long would it take for me to regain my families trust, and I didn’t have an answer.

Family Resources

Addiction is a family disease. Educational articles, how-to guides, and other resources are available here for the loved ones of those struggling.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual Diagnosis treatment facilities treat not only the addiction but also any underlying mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder.

Community Drug Interventions Led by Legislators & Ambrosia

Philadelphia's Representative John Taylor invites Ambrosia to speak to the families of those suffering from addiction.

Prescription Drugs

An overview of the 3 prescription drug categories - prescription opioids, prescription sedatives & prescription stimulants. Learn what they are an what they're used for.

Bipolar Disorder

Individuals who suffer from bipolar disorder commonly partake in alcohol or drugs in order to self-medicate.

Drug Overdoses

The abuse of tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs has cost the United States more than $700 billion in annual costs related to crime, lost work productivity and health care.


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You’re here because you know the problem is out of control. You’ve spent months if not years trying to convince yourself (and those around you) that your drug or alcohol use isn’t “that bad.”

Don’t let denial drag out the suffering. Addiction is serious. You can (and should) get help before it completely takes over your life.

I don’t know what treatment would be best.

Have you tried getting help before? If so, it’s time to follow the science. The most effective process involves detox, rehab and outpatient treatments.

Don’t be overwhelmed! All you have to do now is call to talk about where you’re at. You’ll take it one step at a time from there. Before you know it, you’ll be sober. You can do this!

I can’t convince my loved one to go.

Even if you’re feeling powerless, there’s always hope! Donny, our dedicated ARISE interventionist, can talk to you today about your options. Following his advice, three of every four people come directly to treatment.

I'm not sure if you can help.

Feelings of doubt and helplessness are part of addiction, but you can find hope here. Our treatment is backed by research partnerships with two universities and hundreds of online reviews. From the Washington Post to CNN to Vice News, our expertise is trusted by the top news sources, as well as professional athletes.

The fact is — thousands of people across the country are living sober, productive lives after their time here. You deserve the same chance.

Now is not a good time.

You may worry about missing out on family or work, but the truth is you’re missing out now when your thoughts are preoccupied on your next fix or you’re too sick or high to show up.

Your job is guaranteed by law. And, your spouse, parents and kids all need you sober.

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