Happy Holidays

Season’s greetings from the Ambrosia Treatment Center family to you and yours! We’re very thankful for our amazing community of successful clients in recovery and committed to sober living. We’d like to wish you and your family much health and continued recovery success this holiday season. In spite of COVID-19 we hope 2020 has been a year filled with love and support from friends and family.  We hope that this has one more year changing your life for the better.

Through decades of treating clients at our inpatient drug addiction and mental health treatment centers, we know that family dynamics affect the well-being of individual family members.  Sometimes, the most vulnerable in our society are children, and with COVID-19 2020 has not been a routine year for anyone.

Ambrosia Treatment Center celebrates the holidays with a local Toy Drive

With Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa already here or right around the corner we’re joining those able to help in the holiday spirit through Ambrosia’s holiday Toy Drive.  Supporting the annual Toys Drive in collaboration with local regional and charitable volunteer organizations.  This year, Ambrosia’s counseling center staff wanted to collaborate and do something special this holiday season to help local children in need.  With COVID-19 shut-downs, restrictions, and even hospitalizations, many of us have endured difficult stressful periods throughout the past year. Giving back to those who need us most is an incredibly rewarding experience.  Putting a smile on a child’s face during this holiday season is priceless.

Below are some pictures of our staff working hard to get gifts ready to donate to children in need.

Treatment at Ambrosia doesn’t feel like a hospital or an institution.  It’s a place to feel welcome, relaxed, and begin the healing process. It’s not about running from your problems. It’s about giving yourself the best chance at sobriety. We invite you to take advantage of our sunny Florida treatment centers that will surely warm up anyone from colder winter locals before our few remaining  beds fill up.  You’ll be surrounded by palm trees, warmed by the Florida sun, coupled with a community of survivors that support you day and night. You’ll feel the change that comes from getting clean, and you’ll learn how to cope without getting drunk or high. You’ll start to feel the pain, stress, and obsession to use go away so that you too can begin to live and maybe laugh freely again.  We’ll help you lift the pain of addiction while you lounge pool-side between counseling sessions. While your days will be filled with evidence-based state-of-the-art addiction therapy and treatments, including neurofeedback and neuro-science; you’ll have the chance to relax with a holistic massage and other treatments. Our 10,000+ success stories prove you can do this too.  If 2020 was not the year that you become the person you want to be let us help.  Our comprehensive, cost-effective treatment can help you get there.

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