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Addiction Statistics

Addiction affects the lives of millions of people worldwide. Addiction is an epidemic that has influenced more than just households; it has also altered the country on national levels. The federal government pours over 27 billion dollars in combating drug use and trafficking. However, drug abuse continues to reach new heights.

The cost of substance abuse related to crime, lost work and health care in the United States has exceeded more than $700 billion annually.

Tobacco: Health Care $130 billion – $295 billion Overall
Alcohol: $25 billion – $224 billion overall
Illicit Drugs: $11 billion – $193 billion

Prescription Painkillers

One in 20 Americans age 12+ reported using painkillers for non-medical reasons. Alabama, Tennessee, and West Virginia lead the nation in highest prescription narcotic painkillers (Vicodin, Percocet, OxyContin)

Treatment Admissions: 6.3%

Painkiller Prescription Per Person:
1. Alabama 143 prescriptions per person
2. Tennessee 143
3. West Virginia 138
4. Kentucky 128
5. Oklahoma 128
6. Mississippi 120
7. Louisiana 118
8. Arkansas 116
9. Indiana 109
10. Michigan 107

Heroin (6.4 million users)

People are 40 times more likely to become addicted to heroin if they are addicted to prescription painkillers

The Average Heroin User: White males, 18-44, Suburban.
Treatment Admissions: 14%

Overdose Rates

1. Nevada 91.22%
2. Arizona 84.43%
3. Utah 78.45%
4. Rhode Island 75.41%
5. New Mexico 63.48%
6. Oklahoma 62.73%
7. West Virginia 61.53%
8. Florida 43.40%
9. Kentucky 38.71%
10. Pennsylvania 36.57%

Meth (14 million users)

Most of the methamphetamine abused in the United States comes from foreign or domestic meth labs, endangering the people in the labs, neighbors, and the environment.

The Average Meth User: White males, 19+
Treatment Admissions: 9% overall

Labs in the US as of 2015
1. Indiana – 1797
2. Tennessee – 1616
3. Missouri – 1495
4. Ohio – 1010
5. Illinois – 673
6. Michigan – 607
7. North Carolina – 561
8. Kentucky – 495
9. Oklahoma – 436
10. South Carolina – 397

Cocaine (1.5 million users)

Average Cocaine User: Adult 18-25 years old
Treatment Admissions: 6%

10. Georgia
9. New Mexico
8. Wisconsin
7. North Carolina
6. Florida
5. Ohio
4. Vermont
3. Washington, D.C.
2. New York
1. California

Alcohol (16.3 million users)

Cost to US Government: 223.5 billion since 2014
Average Age of First Drink: 16+
Treatment Admissions: Unknown

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