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Learn more about addiction rehabilitation with Ambrosia’s instructional and education video series.  Addiction is a complex and dangerous disease, but there is hope. Even if you’ve been able to stop temporarily, sustaining long-term recovery is much more complicated. Going to addiction rehab will help you break out of old habits and address the underlying causes of substance abuse. Check out the videos below to learn more about addiction and treatment options.

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Best Drug Alcohol Rehab Center Tips & Lessons from the Pros

View below to learn more about the best evidence-based addiction treatment options available for you or a loved one

Addiction 101: For Families

Am I Enabling?

Communication & Boundaries


Detachment with Love

After Rehab, What Comes Next?

What Do I Need to Know About Treatment?

What Every Family In Addiction Needs to Hear

Why do people drink? | From Starting to Not Stopping

Beat Addiction and Recover with Ambrosia Treatment Center’s Substance Abuse Treatment Tips and Lessons

Can Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Kill You?

Quotes to Help You Stay Positive

Before and After Drug Addiction

Ambrosia Treatment Center | TV Commercial

Wellness Welcome Video

Why Family Involvement Matters

Welcome to the Ambrosia Family

Can Heroin Withdrawal Kill You?

How “Bad” Is Your Addiction? | The Addiction Severity Index

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Thinking About Treatment?

Learn More About Our Residential Recovery Programs

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